Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic Pool Covers

Swimming Pool with Automatic Cover in Virginia

Keep the Heat in and Unwanted Visitors Out with an Automatic Pool Cover

Yard fences are great for privacy and containment, but you can also have a “horizontal fence” for your pool … a pool cover! Functioning as complete safety barriers, pool covers offer peace of mind when it comes to your children and pets. Covers offer additional benefits including energy conservation, less maintenance, and cleaner, warmer water.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a pool cover is the best way to reduce water evaporation, while also reducing chemical and heat loss. Covered pools will stay warm when evening temperatures drop, reducing heating costs and allowing for comfortable morning swims.
Not only can you save on heating, electricity, water and pool chemicals with a pool cover, you can protect your investment by preventing dirt, leaves and other debris from accumulating year-round. Pool equipment lasts longer when it works less and is protected from the elements. Plus, during swim season, you can potentially reduce time spent cleaning and maintaining the pool.

Poolworks proudly offers the Eclipse® model automatic safety cover by Coverstar, a leading manufacturer of quality pool covers. Engineered of stainless steel, Coverstar’s automated mechanism is durable and reliable, and can be mounted flush or low profile for an unobtrusive, upscale look. Powered by an electric or hydraulic motor, Coverstar systems can be can be controlled by a toggle switch, remote-controlled switch, or touch pad.

The Eclipse acts as a passive solar heater by using the sun's radiant heat to warm the water. It can be installed whether your pool is constructed of gunite, fiberglass or vinyl. Best of all, the cover can be designed to fit any shape —free form, vanishing edge, raised bond beam, extreme cantilever, kidney — and is available in a variety of stock and custom fabric colors.

Take advantage of solar heating and protect your property against unwanted guests and swimmers with a custom automatic pool cover by Poolworks. Contact David for more information and special offers for Poolworks customers.