Should I Purchase A Saltwater Pool?

Should I Purchase A Saltwater Pool?

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Traditional direct chlorination has been, and will continue to be, a viable disinfection option for pool owners who can regularly control its application, maintenance and testing. However, direct application of chlorine takes vigilance and on occasion, pH levels can be unbalanced. Who hasn’t experienced the irritating effects of over-chlorination such as dry/itchy skin, red eyes, green-tinted hair and faded swimsuits?

The PoolWorks Advantage

Fortunately, there are other choices in pool disinfection methods. PoolWorks offers a saltwater and ultraviolet light-based system as an alternative to direct chlorination. This combination system results in better-feeling pool water with simpler and safer maintenance.

Is it chlorine-free?
A saltwater pool system is not chlorine-free; rather, a pure form of chlorine is generated by applying electricity to salt (sodium chloride) in a process called electrolysis. Chlorine generated by a saltwater pool system is not as harsh as the chlorine that is typically put into pools. There are no-byproducts and the stable chlorine can actually be converted back into salt via reverse osmosis.

How high is the salt content?
The salt content is surprisingly low. Salt is added to the water for a saturation of approximately 3,200 parts per million (ppm), roughly the amount of salt found in a teardrop. In contrast, ocean water has ten times the salt content — around 35,000 ppm. Salt pool water feels “silky” because of the presence of sodium in the water.

Why use ultraviolet light?
Ultraviolet light is used to control the growth of algae, bacteria and other microorganisms. Used with chlorine, the system will oxidize or “burn up” contaminants like body oils, perspiration, urine and sunscreen. Proper available chlorine residual should be maintained at all times for complete sanitation.

What are the main benefits of a saltwater pool?

• Steady injection of sanitation
• Maintenance savings and convenience – no chemicals to purchase and apply
• No harsh chlorine smell
• Less abrasive on skin, eyes and swimwear
• Soft, silky feel to the water

With all of its advantages, no wonder so many hotels, cruise ships and water parks have been converted to saltwater systems. First used in Australia, saltwater systems have experienced rapid growth in the United States. Contact us for more information about this popular alternative.