Why Build A Gunite Pool?

Why Build A Gunite Pool?

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You’re thinking of having a pool built this year, but you’re confused about construction choices. You remember the long lasting concrete pools of yesteryear, but some of your neighbors and friends are touting fiberglass pools. Why are we proponents of gunite pools as your best investment?

In short, gunite is the most custom and flexible design material for a pool, period.  A gunite pool is built on-site and, depending on your terrain, its design may be limited only by your imagination.  Infinity pools, free forms of almost any shape, beach entries, and waterfalls are all possible. And unlike with fiberglass pools, custom spas can easily be attached to a gunite pool. Decking options are almost limitless and include stone, brick, tile, or any of a variety of pavers.  Blend your pool design with custom landscaping and an outdoor kitchen for a true back yard resort.

Fiberglass is a hard, smooth material. Gunite is comprised of natural materials – namely sand and concrete and sometimes small aggregate – for a decidedly more organic tactile feel. We find Gunite to be appealing to many of the same homeowners who like natural products like granite in their home interiors.

Gunite is extremely durable. There is a reason gunite is used in bridge and tunnel construction! Gunite pools are framed in steel, so they retain their shape indefinitely. Be sure to hire a pool contractor who is an expert in framing and in the precise nozzle application of wet or dry Gunite. Your contractor should use quality materials from the rebar to the mortar and masonry. He should include a top-of-the-line filtration, lighting and electrical systems.

Properly built and maintained, a gunite pool can last for generations. Whereas the average fiberglass pool may have a life expectancy of only 25 years or so, we have seen many 25-year-old gunite pools in mint condition that look as good as the day they were built. Consider adding value and marketability to your home this year with a custom gunite pool.