Why Have An Inground Swimming Pool?

Why Have An Inground Swimming Pool?

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Picture summer. What do you see? Barbeques, lemonade, and everyone gathered around a swimming pool. But your own beautiful gunite pool is more than just a fun afternoon it is an investment that pays back its initial cost in both direct and indirect ways. There are a myriad of swimming pool reasons. Below we have listed some of the advantages to owning an inground swimming pool.

Reasons For A Swimming Pool

1. Family Time – It seems today that quality time with the family is harder to come by than in the past. Owning a swimming pool is a great way to get everyone together for one of those few moments when nobody is rushing out of the door.

2. Physical Health – Swimming offers one of the few ways to get a full body workout. It is especially beneficial to those with injuries that prevent other types of exercise and the older members of our community.

3. Mental Well-Being- Just as concrete pools offer a great physical workout, they also offer a calming escape from the bustle of everyday life. Water therapy is an effective way to combat stress and unwind from a hard day.

4. Durability and Customizability – Gunite (concrete) pools last longer and have far more benefits than vinyl fiberglass and above ground pools. Unlike the other options, gunite pools have a much longer life and are fully customizable to fit you needs, size requirements, and wallet. In addition, gunite pools actually add value to a home while other options can actual detract.

5. Home Value – Recent studies, including one done at Florida State University, show that gunite (concrete) pools add value to a home that in the long run can prove to be higher than its initial cost. The FSU study concluded that pool ownership can increase a home’s value by up to 15%. In addition, houses with an inground pool tend to sell faster than those without.

6. Beat the Heat- Remember last summer when your AC stopped working? Well don’t worry about having to go down to a crowded public pool to cool off, just walk outside, sip some lemonade, and wait comfortably for the repair man to show up.

7. Entertainment Purposes- Everyone wants to be the popular one on the block. With one of our gunite pools you can be! Nothing makes someone a better summer party host than an outdoor pool.

8. Backyard Vacation – Can’t get time off work this summer? No worries, just fire up the barbeque get on a raft and mentally head miles away. You can even pop on some of your favorite summer songs.

9. Get the Kids Outside – With technology slowly engulfing every aspect of our lives, kids don’t often experience the outdoors anymore. With a new gunite pool you won’t even have to convince them to play outside, they’ll be there before you are!

10. Aesthetics – A well-made pool can really be the wow factor of your home. Unlike a bulky above-ground pool, a gunite pool is something to be featured in your yard. Check out some of our past projects, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

So there you have it! There are plenty of reasons for a swimming pool. Now what is stopping you from making the move to pool owner? Our team is ready to help ease any concerns you have and explain the process in more detail. Don’t be shy, a consultation with on of our experienced employees is free of charge. Call us today!