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Should I Purchase A Saltwater Pool?

Traditional direct chlorination has been, and will continue to be, a viable disinfection option for pool owners who can regularly control its application, maintenance and testing. However, direct application of chlorine takes vigilance and on occasion, pH levels can be unbalanced.

Why Build A Gunite Pool?

You’re thinking of having a pool built this year, but you’re confused about construction choices. You remember the long lasting concrete pools of yesteryear, but some of your neighbors and friends are touting fiberglass pools. Why are we proponents of gunite pools as your best investment?

Why Have An Inground Swimming Pool?

Picture summer. What do you see? Barbeques, lemonade, and everyone gathered around a swimming pool. But your own beautiful gunite pool is more than just a fun afternoon it is an investment that pays back its initial cost in both direct and indirect ways. There are a myriad of swimming pool reasons. Below we have listed some of the advantages to owning an inground swimming pool.

Why Choose Poolworks?

Poolworks is proud to be an A+ Rated Accredited Member of the BBB and Member of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.  An inground swimming pool is a big investment.  Make sure you hire a pool company that is reputable and has a track record to prove it.  Call us today for a Free Estimate.

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The Poolworks team does more than just build spectacular swimming pools. Poolworks takes care of the entire process: from the first steps of outlining the concept of your project and defining exact specifications via the best industry CAD design program to quality construction and the manufacture of critical equipment. At Poolworks, we have our own in-house design experts, construction crews, and manufacturing facilities. From start to finish, nobody knows more about your inground swimming pool than Poolworks!

Combined, the Poolworks owners, Doug and David, have over 50 - yes, that's 50, years experience designing and building inground pools in Virginia. Rest assured when you hire Poolworks, you are hiring a team with the experience and expertise to create a wonderful, relaxing swimming pool for you and your family - for years to come.