Children's Museum Fountain

Project Info

At Poolworks, a lot of our focus rests on creating a great backyard pool experience. But the fact of the matter is that we also do a large amount of commercial work, as demonstrated with our involvement in the new fountain installation at the Children’s Museum of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia.

“I chose Poolworks because I know David and thought that he would do a great job,” said Robert Baldwin, who headed up the installation of the project for the museum. “It was great working with them from start to finish on this project.”

“The reactions from parents and kids have been wonderful. They love it. I would recommend [Poolworks] to others time and time again. I think that they do great work.”

If you’d like to see our work for yourself, you can stop by the museum during the warmer months and check it out. If you don’t get too distracted by all the kids running through it and the water shooting out of the ground, you can see one of our favorite works in recent memory.

Project Details

  • Stamped Concrete

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The Poolworks team does more than just build spectacular swimming pools. Poolworks takes care of the entire process: from the first steps of outlining the concept of your project and defining exact specifications via the best industry CAD design program to quality construction and the manufacture of critical equipment. At Poolworks, we have our own in-house design experts, construction crews, and manufacturing facilities. From start to finish, nobody knows more about your inground swimming pool than Poolworks!

Combined, the Poolworks owners, Doug and David, have over 50 - yes, that's 50, years experience designing and building inground pools in Virginia. Rest assured when you hire Poolworks, you are hiring a team with the experience and expertise to create a wonderful, relaxing swimming pool for you and your family - for years to come.